About The Scientist

During the travesty of the pandemic starting in 2020, I went through a journey and battle with my mental health. Creating aromatherapy products is something that gave me peace, healing and a sense of meaning. I started off creating products for myself and my loved ones and got an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and words of affirmations that ignited a passion within myself. I then spent two years researching and perfecting my recipes to which I finally got the courage to join The Prince's Trust enterprise programme in July 2022 to further build on my skills and create something that I can look back on and be proud of, that is how The Sensual Healing Lab was born and I want to channel all my creative energy into products that make people happy.

The Sensual Healing Lab: I chose this unique name as I am a graduate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, thus, have spent years experimenting with different organic substances and compounds in a lab, this is something I love and comes naturally to me. Therefore, "The Sensual Healing Lab" represents I, "The Scientist" working in a lab designed to make products that get people in touch with themselves and "Activate the senses."  As a sensual person myself, I love things that look, taste, sound, feel and smell good. This is what I believe the products demonstrate.

- The Scientist 
"Activate the Senses"