Stunning animated drawing of a black fairy with long red braids, laying down on a bed on pumpkins, fruits and berries

Thankful for Tiwatope

Chapter 1: Metamorphosis, Introducing Tiwatope, My Alter Ego...

Name meaning: Our situation is worthy of thanks/praise 

Pronouns: They/Them

Characteristics: Sexy, Sensual, Confident and Passionate. A romantic obsessed with the earthly pleasures of life, very in tune with the Senses.

Tiwatope was created as a way to feel more confident within, they embody the fiery and courageous side of myself that I'm sometimes unable to outwardly express. Tiwa is a flame I snuffed out and kept hidden the past couple of years, due to feelings of low self worth, anxiety and depression taking over me, for a while, I thought I would never see this side of me again. 
However, after a period of hibernation, Tiwa has finally broken out of their cocoon and is ready to face the world head on.

They sometimes make people uncomfortable with their boldness but Tiwa's Martian energy is unmatched and The Scientist often taps into Tiwa's energy when they want to feel like that bitch...

Tiwatope will be temporarily taking over this account whilst The Scientist takes a backseat to allow them the space to be free to express themselves without fear of guilt, shame or judgement. In the meantime, please show Tiwatope lots of love of support!


Credit to the beautiful artist Helen, @coldmoontea for bringing this Character to life!
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