Beautiful red rose bouquet as background with a hand showcasing matching red nails

Sensual Love Notes


Rosemary & Eucalyptus candle
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I made you this candle,
To show how much I love you.

Sleep blend: Herbal loose leaf tea
I think of you always,
Your love makes me smile.
I want to savour you,

Just like a drink of chamomile. 

Rosemary & Eucalyptus wax melts

To my sweet love,
The stars are aligned.
Will you do me the honour,

And be my Valentine?

Lavender & Lemon candle
You light up my my world,
Just like this candle.
The thought of you,
Makes my head scrambled.

Essential oil roll on
Isn't it obvious?
I want to feel your touch.
I cant deny anymore,

Your love is my crutch. 

Herbal sleep pouch

When I close my eyes,
You appear in my dreams,
I'm so grateful to have you,

We make a beautiful team.

Lavender & Lemon Wax Melts
You ignite my senses,
I love the way you smell,
It makes me obsessed,

I'm under your spell.

Mood Enhancer: Herbal Loose Leaf Tea
You brighten my day,
I'm happiest when I'm with you,
When you're around me,

I'll never feel blue.

Spiced Orange Wax Melts
Just like the star,
You shine so bright.
Whenever you're around,

You light up the night!

Lots of love,
-The Scientist
"Activate the Senses"
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